We Have Products & Services That Help You Sell...

At AEI, we've been around long enough to know one thing for sure. Recourse financing is the most profitable way to finance. We offer the most efficient approach to solving your financing challenge when faced with closing a sale, but more importantly, being paid. Non-Recourse financing is also available, and there are times when this is a better fit for certain needs. From the moment you fax or e-mail your sale to us and we set our people in motion, you have the ability to track the entire process from your computer or mobile device. You can see the buyer's credit report, detail of our phone verification with the buyer, and the transmittal form which details out our payment to you on your deal.

"Personal Service" isn't just some catch phrase with us. It is our culture built on respect for your challenges.

Reasons To Work With AEI

  • Recourse and Non-Recourse financing in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Non-recourse financing with a guaranty that we will never make a penny off of your credit quality discount
  • Service Program option for poor credit accounts
  • Get your potential customers credit score by phone, website or by texting us
  • The majority of our staff is bi-lingual english/spanish
  • Total transparency of our operations through the use of our dealer website
  • Our mobile website allows you to manage your business while on the go
  • Average turnaround from receipt of order to payout to you of two days
  • Flexibility to modify our dealer website to fit your needs

We Earn Your Trust Each Step Of The Way...

From the moment we engage, we show you everything we do, not just on the up front processing, but continuing after that. Through our online technology, you can review every narrative that our customer service department enters, and also all of your portfolio information - from the condition of the portfolio overall to the detail of how many accounts we have purchased in each credit score range. We started as a direct sales company in the 1950's long before becoming a direct sales finance company in the 1970's, and that is all we do. It is that profound experience that you can leverage to create the biggest win for you, and your customers!