It Takes Experts In Financing To Create A Process This Basic And Simple.

AEI started in business in 1955 as a direct seller of Lifetime Cookware, which was manufactured by the West Bend Company, and is now manufactured by Regal Ware. We finance direct sellers of cookware, vacuum cleaners, attic insulation / energy products, and heat and smoke alarms.

We understand your process and support you 100%. At AEI, we are dedicated to becoming an extension of your sales experience and brand, and to providing a seamless experience for you, and your customers! Bring us your ideas and new opportunities; we are always ready to listen...

Here's How We Keep It Simple...

Step 1 - You make the sale and get the contract and application to us by fax or e-mail.

Step 2 - We process your order while you follow along on our website from beginning to end. You can see that we have entered your order in our system, and review the customer's credit report and our verification of the order with your customer.

Step 3 - We deposit the money into your business account